Our Team


Hi my name is Noah and I'm 17 years old, I am in 12th grade this year. This is my 8th year in First. I enjoy doing hands on projects. In the past I have been the driver coach and part of the build team. I would like to be driver coach and on the build team again. I am hoping to see my team score on the field and win a trophy.


Hello, my name is Harrison. I am 16 years old and am in 11th grade. I am a star scout in the BSA and I enjoy reading sci-fi books, solving logic puzzles, and playing all sorts of games. This is my first year in FTC. This year I would like to get to know my team, our robot, and the FTC program. I would like to see our team go to and win the Virginia State competition.


Hi, I'm Jacob and I'm 16 years old. I am in 11th grade. I've been doing First for 8 years. I have built awesome things. I love programming and I am fluent in 15 different programming languages. I have always been programmer on all the teams I've been on. I would also like to see our team go to worlds.


Hello, I'm Coach Dusty. This is my 4th year coaching FTC. I have been coaching FIRST teams since 2010, From Jr. FLL to FTC levels. My favorite part of coaching is watching teammates have those "light-bulb" moments. I enjoy mentoring the team on the robot build too. This year my goal is to work closely with my co-coach and make sure I communicate everything to her.